Bitou CVC

Dr Bert van Reenen

Bitou CVC in Plettenberg Bay has been in operation since 2005 and their main aims are Vaccination/Sterilization and Education.

A dipping program was started by Marele and Tanya at their premises in the industrial area and this has grown beyond expectations. Vaccination and deworming is also done and kids are only given food for their dogs if the animals are vaccinated and sterilised. We sometimes see up to 80 dogs on a Saturday morning and have given talks at various local schools under the Mercantile Fund program. These talks are conducted by Vet Nurse Tina van Reenen (Dip Cur Anim) and the talks are followed by pens and “How to Care for your Dog” CVC booklets sponsored by Mercantile Bank as well as crayons and biscuits made by one of the volunteers.

Sterilizations and vaccinations are done in all the townships around Plettenberg Bay – with help from volunteer ladies. Contributions are collected from the owners to avoid entitlement syndrome and our vehicle collects and drops off the patients weekly.  We also work closely with Plett Animal Welfare and have a very good working relationship with them.

Dr Bert van Reenen from Marineway animal Hospital is the responsible veterinarian for the Bitou CVC which funds all of the above operations.

Tanya Photo 2 Marele