Atlantis CVC

Dr Jennifer Deverson & Dr Sonelle Howard

The Atlantis CVC is the community clinic branch of The Village Vet.   We opened in October 2017 and offer  vaccinations and basic veterinary treatments from a consulting room in Atlantis.  We work closely with a number of welfare organisations within the Atlantis, Mamre and Pella area and do mass sterilisations, client education programmes and vaccination clinics in conjunction with these welfares.  We also offer reduced rate sterilisations to other residents in the area which are done at the main clinic in Darling.

The area that we work in has not ever had access to comprehensive veterinary services, so the demand is high.  We often see 30 or more dogs and cats in a 2 hour consult session!! In the 2 and a bit years that we’ve been working in Atlantis we’ve certainly seen a change in attitude towards animal welfare and the community is embracing the idea of vaccinations and sterilisations.