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Directors and Team

The CVC programme is an initiative of the South African Veterinary Association (SAVA).  It is implemented by a programme team overseen by a Board of Directors that meet twice a year and the SAVA Board of Directors meet quarterly. The Manager reports to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis. Below is a table with the names of individuals participating in the different governance structures of CVC to oversee the programme.



Dr.Gert Steyn

Dr. Rissa Parker

Claudia Cloete


Glen Austin Equine Clinic

Manager SAVA-CVC

  • Definition of goals and milestones
  • Key decisions making
  • Removal of road-blocks
  • Provide introductions for project team

Full Time Staff Members



Claudia Cloete






Vhonani Manenzhe



Manager SAVA-CVC






Driver & Coordinator


  • Operative supervision of project
  • Report to Board
  • Fundraising
  • Engagement with communities and establishment of CVCs
  • Preparation of workshops and project meetings
  • Documentation of project results
  • Administration facilitation




Vhonani Manenzhe educating visitors during a sterilization campaign