EnviroVet CVC

Wuppertal Sterilisation Project

By Rene de Wet, EnviroVet CVC volunteer

What a privilege it was to once again be part of the Wuppertal Sterilisation Project. a very enthusiastic EnviroVet CVC team sterilised 190 dogs from Wuppertal and surrounding communities. Except for working dogs bred to provide a service such as sheep-herding, all dogs in Wuppertal have now been serilised. The dogs were also vacinated, de-wormed and dipped. Some of the pets were also shaved and bathed.

Education is of the utmost importance, however. Every owner had an individual interview with our team of educators; even the school children were involved. Jeanine Michells and I visited a school to speak to learners regarding the basic care of their pets. Without being judgemental, the few owners who did not sufficently look after their dogs were given infomation and shown a beter way.

When it started to rain on one of the sterilisation days, we realised that the animals could not be sent home in the cold weather and decided to keep them overnight. The house was filled with cages and most of us had a dog on our beds. Two very neglected dogs were adopted into new homes and every dog was sent home with a big bag of dog food.

A hyrax (dassie) who was kept in a cage is now being reabilitated and a pig who was living in a small cage is now living in a cage double in size. Some animals who were being kept tied up have now been freed.

It was encouraging to see that the animals were generally in a very good condition. This project is a testimony of what can be done if community leaders, community members, and various animal welfare organisations come together for the greater good. The majority of the funding was provided by the The White Elephant Charity Shop.

There is much more that can be said. Once the filmcrew releases the video, it will be made available to anyone interested. Please don’t hesitate to contact EnviroVet CVC. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Megan at fundraiser@cvetc.co.za