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Kyasands CVC

Dr Clare Speedy

A group of animal lovers wanted to give back to the community and started the Cosmo/Kyasands clinic in 2011 with the help of SAVA.

This will be our 8th year running. We started in Cosmo city and moved on to Kyasands when we heard the need of animalcare in that area.

We have a monthly clinic in Kyasands informal settlement and we try our best to reach out to the community, to educate them on the importance of animal care as well as helping with pet food . We are so grateful to our principal vet, Dr Clare Speedy and her right hand man,  Dr Gareth and her team at Lammermoor vet for helping us run a successful animal clinic every month and for making sure we sterilise as many animals as we possibly can. Our Volunteers, Klarika Nettleton from the Blue bush animal forum, Sue, Nadia, Lindi, Tracy, Nicolene, Roan,  Tracey, Jordyn, Barbara and Russy are committed each month to help tackle the problems in the area. We see allot of sick animals, breeding for selling puppies, homeless dogs and underfed animals.

We assist with vaccinations, deworming, dipping, nail clipping, sterilisations as well as treating wounds/ eye infections in the Kyasands and surrounding informal settlements.