Dr Sim starting CVC in 1998

Nelson Mandela Bay CVC

Dr Dean Sim

The Nelson Mandela Bay-Community Veterinary Clinic (NMB-CVC) was established in 1998, and has been able to assist underprivileged pet owners to access essential veterinary services for over 20 years. By utilising the existing veterinary infrastructure in our community, the CVC provides access to world class veterinary services and facilities to disadvantaged pet owners. In other words, every cent that is contributed to the CVC translates into direct service delivery for pets that belong to the less fortunate.

With the assistance of local registered animal charities such as Domestic Animal Care, Cat Rescue P.E. and Save-a-Pet, who do the fieldwork and bring the patients to our clinic, our CVC performs on average 45 sterilisations per month, and we see about the same volume of cases for other primary