Siyatutuka CVC

The Siyatutuka Farmers Community Project is situated near White River in Mpumalanga on the interface between Kruger National Park and its adjacent rural agricultural communities. This project has been spearheaded by Dr Cobus Raath since 2010. The Project is financially supported by Wildlife Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd and, a private wildlife veterinary practice.

The Siyatutuka project works closely with the local state veterinary services, CCS veterinarians associated with state veterinary services and with the local state veterinary technicians that service the community. The project is also working in co-operation with the Department of Rural Development and Land Affairs and of course with all the local farmers of the Nsikasi community. Our aims for 2018 are to further expand our vaccinations and primary health care of dogs and cattle as this already has made a huge difference since we started. We would also like to help expand the spay campaigns of the state veterinary services, making use of their mobile facilities and we would like to organize a mobile abattoir for the community as due to FMD movement restrictions, farmers are limited as to where they can transport their cattle for slaughter.