Face Only Dr Datnow

Vaal CVC

Dr Norman Datnow

The Vaal CVC started off in 2013 serving the township of Bophelong and is there to build trust and promote health.  Dr Norman Datnow is the principal vet of the Vaal CVC and Danielle van Rooyen, the co-ordinator which provides deworming, dipping and treating all of those in need. Dr Datnow has performed various operations on dogs in Bophelong including cancer growths, cherry eyes, amputations and TVT treatments.

One of our main focus areas has been pet owner education in Bophelong. John Mboniswa, a knowledgeable assistant, has taken over the role of educator in the schools in Bophelong. He has exceptional rapport with the learners and manages to convey the central concepts in the young learners’ minds. He goes to the schools every Monday and Thursday where he is allowed to talk to the learners during assembly. Thereafter he takes 2 classes individually.

Vaal CVC Bophelong Primary 26 April 2018  Vaal CVC 15 May 2018 Bophelong Primary