Welcome to SAVA CVC

SAVA-CVC (South African Veterinary Association Community Veterinary Clinics – established 1998) supports veterinarians that provide education and primary veterinary care for animals in very low-income communities. The clinics work to increase responsible pet ownership to prevent the problems that shelters respond to, e.g. diseases that are preventable through vaccinating, ecto- and endoparasite diseases, malnutrition, overpopulation.

All CVC clinics are run by a registered veterinarian as a mobile clinic to ensure a professional and sustainable service with low overheads. Currently 37 clinics operate country wide.

SAVA-CVC provides support to the Community Veterinary Clinics through:

  • producing shared digital educational information
  • central fundraising & marketing
  • central medical supply contract negotiations
  • shared learning and mentoring
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