Sheila has been sterilised!

Owner: J. Human
Income: Part time work
Location: Informal settlement, Bonnievale, Western Cape
CVC: Mainee’s Montagu Vet CVC

The picture shows J. Human's daughter with Sheila. Mr. Human works on a farm part-time. He lives in a corrugated iron shack in the informal settlement in Bonnievale. Very few of the yards are enclosed, so the dogs run freely in the rough, dusty streets with the children. Sheila is a lovely friendly dog, in excellent condition. She has not yet had pups, so we hope to sterilise her asap.

Sheila has been successfully sterilised! Thank you for the donation Rene Brinkman !

Photo taken of Sheila on sterilisation day

Sheila – J. Human | sterilisation day
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