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Botshabelo CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Marike Badenhorst Operates in    Free State

More about the CVC

Botshabelo is a very big area and our clinic is about 79km from Bloemfontein. There are currently no veterinary clinics nearby and we are excited to provide this essential service to the community. The clinic is held on the first Wednesday of every month in section “N” and we use our vehicles as mobile clinics. Currently we are Drs Marike Badenhorst and Sune Ferrerira working on this programme and EJ Swart and Philippa du Toit are valuable volunteers assisting on a regular basis. We are lucky to have a CCs vet helping out full time and we have expanded to Dewetsdorp and Wepener and also started reaching out to communal farmers and upcoming farmers.

Botshabelo CVC provides primary health care services which include vaccinations, deworming, tick and flea control, treatment of sick animals and basic education. It is encouraging to see that generally the animals are in very good condition and it is clear that the owners really love them. Things were really slow in the beginning but more and more people are bringing their animals to be vaccinated or treated.

A community member approached us for assistance in another area in Botshabelo. He is now assisting by coordinating with the community to make this possible. By providing a service at two locations simultaneously we can reach even more animals and families. A key success element to the clinic is long-term sustainability. Owners bring their pets every month and thereby we can monitor and treat the animals regularly.

We would not be able to do any of this without our sponsors. A big donation of Frontline was received and we could treat many animals free of charge. Eukanuba regularly sponsors food, which makes a big difference. An overseas company, Silent Heroes, blessed us with instruments, drapes and some drugs. Dr. Badenhorst also sponsored rabies vaccines, which is very important as many animals still need to be vaccinated. Companies like Medpet and Cipla also sponsor specific products. When purchasing a product from them, they match the amount of product with sponsored product. To all of these companies a big thank you. Every donation helps.

Our aim is to reach as many animals and families as possible, thereby promoting the health and wellbeing of both animals and humans. We provide pet owners with information on the basic care of their pets and also run spaying campaigns. I believe that having a pet or animal is not a right but a privilege and we are put on earth by God to love and care for them to the best of our ability.

For any queries or donations, please contact me,

Dr Marike Badenhorst 0833563294 or send an e-mail to

Botshabelo CVC Principal Vet
Botshabelo CVC Photo 1
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Cluny Animal Trust CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Katherine Barker Operates in    Free State

More about the CVC

Cluny Animal Trust(CAT) is a Community Veterinary Welfare which was registered in 2011(PBO status in 2012) and based in the little town of Fouriesburg in the Eastern Free State. We then commenced the process to find funding for all the work that was arriving on our doorstep.

Cluny Animal Trust aims to provide primary health care to as much of the Eastern Free State as possible, like all the other CVC’s we feel that poor animals need veterinary care too. To this end, thanks to a very generous donation, we were able to purchase a 6 tonne truck. The truck is fitted out with a 2-table theatre, 9+ cages (some can be divided), an anaesthetic machine, and all the bits and bobs needed to have a fully functioning mobile theatre, which allows us to set up in the most inaccessible places. The one proviso that was set by the donor was that we named the truck Daisy, so her name is emblazoned on the front proudly for all to see.

Cluny Animal Trust was originally named after my small farm in the Fouriesburg district, where I was hoping to have a rescue, and community veterinary centre. This, however, never materialised, due to the distance out of town, and the red tape attached to the PBO status on a private property, particularly building a clinic. So, we purchased a small square of land in town with a rather run-down cottage on it (property prices in Fouriesburg at the time were miniscule!) and it is here where we would like to build a Community Veterinary Clinic.

Daisy has taken us to many parts of QwaQwa, where we have done monthly weekend outreaches, thanks to Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, Help Animals International, and Foundation Marchig, who have funded all of our visits for the past two years. In Daisy we have helped the animals of the indigent and poor of Bethlehem, Paul Roux, Rosendal, Ficksburg, Clarens and many farm villages and districts in between. Feral cats are also a huge problem in the small towns, and that is an ongoing project, of capture, sterilise and release. Being an endemic Rabies area, everything that passes through our doors gets a Rabies vaccination, and we spend a fair amount of our time travelling from farm to farm, vaccinating and discussing the dangers of Rabies and the advantages of Rabies prevention with the farm labourers and their children. Most of our sterilisation outreaches take place on weekends, due to my private practice work, and on those weekends where we are not doing veterinary work, we are usually raising funds!

Treatment of diseases and surgical intervention when necessary is becoming a bigger part of our work, particularly in animals from the nearer towns. We are also including the production animals in our primary care now too, with a full time CCS vet whose passion is sheep and cattle! Education of emerging farmers on improving production and the welfare of their animals is essential to our rural CVC, and we are excited about the difference this will make to our communities.

We are a small team with a lot of enthusiasm, and we hope to make a big difference to the lives of the many owners and their animals that would otherwise not have received assistance.

Cluny Animal Trust CVC Principal Vet
Cluny Animal Trust CVC Photo 1
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Durban South CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Sanissha Venkatrathnam Operates in    KwaZulu-Natal

More about the CVC

Initiated by Dr Louween Edwardes , Durban South CVC started about 10 yrs ago. Thanks to the
generous magnanimous support of veterinary pharmaceutical companies and veterinary food
manufacturers, we have reached hundreds of families and their pets in impoverished areas
where there is no access to veterinary care. We offer vaccinations, subsided sterilizations,
dewormer, tick and flea control and medical care.
Durban South Cvc has a core support of local vets and private practices and a bevy of
volunteers. Most of our inroads into communities is through other NPOs like the Nelson
Mandela youth center in Chatsworth, the Sai organization, humans helping animals to mention
a few. Our main aim is to improve the health and quality of life of pets enhancing the bond
between owner and pet. The informal settlements and low cost housing precincts have no
access to vets or transport. These clinics are the lifeblood for most of these dogs and cats
( and usually many goats too )who may never see a vet.
Our volunteers distribute education booklets, coloring sets for kids highlighting good animal
care, basic training tips, distribute collars and leashes, and lots of much needed pet food.
Without the financial support from our communities and businesses we will not have the
resources to fund these clinics. With SAVA being our backbone, we hope to grow,offering more
outreach projects in the new year especially with KZN in the grip of new Rabies cases.

Durban South CVC Principal Vet
Durban South CVC Photo 1
Durban South CVC Photo 2

Ebervet CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Hilldidge Beer Operates in    Western Cape

More about the CVC

EberVet CVC started its sterilisation outreach clinics in 2008, working with animal welfare organisations across the Great and Little Karoo, the Overberg and the Helderberg. There is a huge need for assistance in these areas, particularly in the Karoo where veterinary clinics are few and far between.
With the assistance of veteran veterinary nurse Sr Hilda Mills, Dr Beer travels thousands of kilometres each year to neuter and spay cats and dogs from impoverished homes. On average, more than 1 500 pets per year pass through these clinics. Facilities are extremely rudimentary and the distances covered significant but knowing that every sterilisation has improved an animal’s life makes it worth it.
In addition to sterilisations, EberVet CVC assists with parasite control, vaccinations (including rabies), wound treatment, euthanasia and pet owner education.
Sr Mills, who is resident in the Karoo, also offers ongoing post-clinic support and primary health care training for welfare volunteers.
As an adjunct to outreach, EberVet CVC assists Helderberg and Overberg animal welfare organisations by hosting weekly spay clinics at EberVet Pet Clinic, its clinic in Strand, and an annual Mandela Day spayathon. Spayathons have also been done for pitbulls only. Under the auspices of CVC, EberVet Vetshops collect and donate food and blankets each year to more than a dozen animal welfare groups.
To contact EberVet CVC, call Dr Beer on 072 297 7905.

Ebervet CVC Principal Vet
Ebervet CVC Photo 1
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Elgin Valley CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Michelle Lawrance Operates in    Western Cape

More about the CVC

Elgin Valley CVC concentrates on vaccination and sterilisation of animals in the disadvantaged communities and farm labourers from Botrivier (Rescued Animal Drive), Grabouw and Elgin (Grabouw Animal Welfare Society) and Villiersdorp. We work closely with and rely heavily upon the three welfare's in the area that assist with follow up and education of the community.
We have very generous clients and local companies who also contribute financially so we can educate and subsidise their staff with their animals.
The photos tell the story!

Elgin Valley CVC Principal Vet
Elgin Valley CVC Photo 1
Elgin Valley CVC Photo 2
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