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Principal Vet    Dr Kate Hall (Tucker) Operates in    North West

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The HAWS CVC provides vet care to members of our community at an affordable rate in the hopes of preventing unnecessary suffering of pets due to financial constraints of owners. The focus of our clinic team made up of Dr Kate Tucker Dr Anna Kornijenko Vet Teck Casandra Sheasby and clinic support Tarisia Chigova are sterilizations to further support our welfare efforts of reducing the number of unwanted litters. Education to promote preventative care such vaccinations and parasite control.
Responsible pet ownership is promoted and services are paid for at reduced rates. Education to owners about the dangers of self medicating from social media tips and folklore is also very important and we believe by providing affordable vet care we prevent the needless suffering of so many animals affected by this wether well intentioned or not. Most of what we treat is preventable with basic care such as tick borne diseases, skin conditions from parasites and digestive and bladder problems from incorrect feeding. Education is key and helping people offers us the opportunity to change the way owners take care of their animals.

HAWS CVC Principal Vet
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Hoedspruit CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Nina Kisch Operates in    Limpopo

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Hoedspruit CVC is based in Hoedspruit, Limpopo and services four local communities (Ga-Moraba, Tswenyane, Lepelle and The Willows) in the area. Our goals are to improve animal health and living conditions, prevent and alleviate suffering of domestic animals, encourage and assist in spaying and neutering of pets and to provide education about their animals to the individuals in the community. Being in an area with multiple nature reserves and a strong emphasis on wildlife and conservation, an additional goal is to help save South Africa’s wildlife by preventing diseases such as Rabies and Distemper from being transmitted to wild populations from domestic animals.

Hoedspruit CVC Principal Vet
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Humansdorp CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Anthony Davis Operates in    Eastern Cape

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We serve the Humansdorp area, covering Jeffrey’s Bay, Gamtoos area, Thornhill, Loerie, Patensie/Hankey, Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay, up to Eersteriivier/Kareedouw and into the Tsitsikamma. The bulk of our work is large animal dairy work, but we also have a full-time vet dedicated to small animal practice.

Our practice borders on Arcadia and Kruisfontein. We serve this coloured community and charge reduced rates for vaccinations and basic treatments. Kwanomzane township is also within walking distance of our practice, and we offer reduced rates to these clients too.

The welfare needs in the area are great. We provide a service to the SPCA and to St Francis Animal rescue. The ‘catchment’ area for the SPCA is large, so dogs are collected from the entire Kouga region, including Thornhill, Loerie, Haney and up to Joubertina.

Humansdorp CVC Principal Vet
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Ikhala CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Emily Baxter Operates in    Eastern Cape

More about the CVC

Ikhala vet clinic’s vision is to eventually be able to provide basic veterinary services to about 8 or 9 small communities which are lying in amongst the numerous private game reserves in our area. We are a mixed clinic with a wildlife component with a strong vision and passion for conservation and one health.

We would like to be able to spend time circulating through the numerous communities, and provide them each with education, sterilizations and basic vet care..

We have so far this year had access to the Seven Fountains community associated with the Laibela game reserve (who have funded most of the consumables) just outside of Grahamstown and the Alicedale community.
We try and create a “constant presence” by spending every Wednesday afternoon in one of the communities.

We are small and limited with funding at this time but have a massive vision and the passion for it. So really pleased to be able to have support from SAVC and other CVC’s doing similar work around the country. We soon hope to find the funding to do more!

Ikhala CVC Principal Vet
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Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

Principal Vet    Dr Karin Lourens Operates in    Gauteng

More about the CVC

We are a dedicated wildlife ONLY veterinary hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our aim is to improve the quality of treatment, survival rate and success rate of rehabilitation of small to medium sized indigenous South-African wildlife. We are the first of its kind in Gauteng and our vision is that our hospital will grow to such an extent that it will become a world class facility which will serve as a teaching hospital for veterinary students interested in treating wildlife. We will be working closely with wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Nicci Wright, to ensure all our patients get the best possible care during and after their stay in our hospital.

Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital Principal Vet
Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital Photo 1
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