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Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital

Principal Vet    Dr Karin Lourens Operates in    Gauteng

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We are a dedicated wildlife ONLY veterinary hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our aim is to improve the quality of treatment, survival rate and success rate of rehabilitation of small to medium sized indigenous South-African wildlife. We are the first of its kind in Gauteng and our vision is that our hospital will grow to such an extent that it will become a world class facility which will serve as a teaching hospital for veterinary students interested in treating wildlife. We will be working closely with wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Nicci Wright, to ensure all our patients get the best possible care during and after their stay in our hospital.

Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital Principal Vet
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John Moore CVC

Principal Vet     Operates in    

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John Moore CVC Principal Vet
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Kariega CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Marette Dreyer Operates in    Eastern Cape

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Kenton-on-Sea is a small coastal town almost half way between Port Elizabeth and East London. Towns are roughly 25km from each other. The SPCA in our neighbouring town (25km) has a very large area to cover. In 2015 and 2018 we had significant outbreaks of Distemper Virus. With the ever increasing need for more community involvement the practice finally joined the CVC.

After registering with SAVA-CVC in January we aimed our first community project for 14 February 2019 – “Spreading the Love”. We were so lucky to have The Kariega Foundation involved with this project as they had a very enthusiastic team volunteering their time with organizing people and dogs, supplying TLC and managing our dip bath.

Our aims for 2019 is to do similar days on the neighbouring townships of Marselle and Klipfontein and to organize a sterilization day (or two) this year!

Kariega CVC Principal Vet
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Kleinmond CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Peter Dave Operates in    Western Cape

More about the CVC

The Kleinmond CVC is active in the Proteadorp and Mooiuitsig communities in the Overstrand area of the Western Cape. We work in partnership with the local Kleinmond Animal Welfare Society, KAWS, in providing primary healthcare to the local indigent animal population.

We run a weekly clinic on a Wednesday afternoon for an hour or two at the KAWS facility which is located on the border of Proteadorp. Here we vaccinate, deworm and talk to the owners who bring their pets to the clinic. The weekly clinic gives us the opportunity to engage with, educate and get to know the community. It is often the children who bring in the pet on behalf of the family. Although this sometimes presents challenges, it also provides us with an opportunity to talk to the children about their pets.

We have a solid partnership with KAWS and the continuity of the clinic has led to a sustained and positive relationship with the community. We do not do spayathons but rather sterilise and educate as we go. Together with KAWS, I have been actively involved in the local schools and aftercare centre promoting and educating the children about animal welfare. The support we receive from SAVA and the donations we receive from business and other parties help tremendously. While there are always challenges and giving of one’s time is a sacrifice, personally contributing in this way is extremely satisfying.

The pet population is a management issue as it is difficult to sterilise all the pets in the community. Setting up sustainable models to suit each particular situation, with as many resources as possible aimed at education and engagement with the community, is what is required going forward.

We need vaccines, deworming medications, tick and flea treatments for dogs and cats as well as materials and drugs used in the process of sterilising dogs and cats. Things like disposable needles, syringes, swabs, antiseptic soap, suture materials, scalpel blades, surgical gloves, disposable drapes and cotton wool would all come in useful.

Kleinmond CVC Principal Vet
Kleinmond CVC Photo 1
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Kyasands CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Clare Speedy Operates in    Gauteng

More about the CVC

A group of animal lovers wanted to give back to the community and started the Cosmo/Kyasands clinic in 2011 with the help of SAVA.

This will be our 8th year running. We started in Cosmo city and moved on to Kyasands when we heard the need of animalcare in that area.

We have a monthly clinic in Kyasands informal settlement and we try our best to reach out to the community, to educate them on the importance of animal care as well as helping with pet food . We are so grateful to our principal vet, Dr Clare Speedy and her right hand man, Dr Gareth and her team at Lammermoor vet for helping us run a successful animal clinic every month and for making sure we sterilise as many animals as we possibly can. Our Volunteers, Klarika Nettleton from the Blue bush animal forum, Sue, Nadia, Lindi, Tracy, Nicolene, Roan, Tracey, Jordyn, Barbara and Russy are committed each month to help tackle the problems in the area. We see allot of sick animals, breeding for selling puppies, homeless dogs and underfed animals.

We assist with vaccinations, deworming, dipping, nail clipping, sterilisations as well as treating wounds/ eye infections in the Kyasands and surrounding informal settlements.

For more information, pls contact Karen on 072 482 5849.

Kyasands CVC Principal Vet
Kyasands CVC Photo 1
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