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Envirovet CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Annelize Roos Operates in    Western Cape

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What a privilege it was to once again be part of the Wuppertal Sterilisation Project. a very enthusiastic EnviroVet CVC team sterilised 190 dogs from Wuppertal and surrounding communities. Except for working dogs bred to provide a service such as sheep-herding, all dogs in Wuppertal have now been serilised. The dogs were also vacinated, de-wormed and dipped. Some of the pets were also shaved and bathed.

Education is of the utmost importance, however. Every owner had an individual interview with our team of educators; even the school children were involved. Jeanine Michells and I visited a school to speak to learners regarding the basic care of their pets. Without being judgemental, the few owners who did not sufficently look after their dogs were given infomation and shown a beter way.

When it started to rain on one of the sterilisation days, we realised that the animals could not be sent home in the cold weather and decided to keep them overnight. The house was filled with cages and most of us had a dog on our beds. Two very neglected dogs were adopted into new homes and every dog was sent home with a big bag of dog food.

A hyrax (dassie) who was kept in a cage is now being reabilitated and a pig who was living in a small cage is now living in a cage double in size. Some animals who were being kept tied up have now been freed.

It was encouraging to see that the animals were generally in a very good condition. This project is a testimony of what can be done if community leaders, community members, and various animal welfare organisations come together for the greater good. The majority of the funding was provided by the The White Elephant Charity Shop.

There is much more that can be said. Once the filmcrew releases the video, it will be made available to anyone interested. Please don’t hesitate to contact EnviroVet CVC. If you have any questions or require more information, please contact Megan at

Envirovet CVC Principal Vet
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Farmlands Veterinary Practice CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Cilliers Louw Operates in    Western Cape

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Farmlands Veterinary Practice work alongside Western Cape Department of Agriculture in consulting small scale farmers in certain areas and we also supplu small scale farmers with cost effective medicine they need routinely!

Farmlands Veterinary Practice CVC Principal Vet
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Gauteng CVC

Principal Vet    Vhonani Manenzhe works with Various Vets Operates in    Gauteng

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Gauteng CVC is managed by our Gauteng Co-ordinator Vhonani Manenzhe and is a joint operation with GDARD(Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Development). Vhonani joined SAVA-CVC in 2008 and comes form an animal loving family and still regularly help out at his uncle's vet practice.

Vhonani safely guides the new CCS (Compulsory Community Service) vets every year for the monthly clinics held in Klipgat, Loate, Booysens, Danville and Eersterus. Regular sterilization campaigns are held for feral cat colonies as well as for community member's pets at a nominal fee.

For more information, pls send a WhatsApp to Vhonani on 063 110 7559 or email him on

Gauteng CVC Principal Vet
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Hermanus CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Sandy Waddingham Operates in    Western Cape

More about the CVC

The Hermanus & Overberg CVC was established in June 2014 by Dr Sandy Waddingham. Operating from Hermanus Animal Hospital, we provide quality veterinary care for animals from our surrounding lower-income areas. Working closely together with local animal welfare and rescue organizations, we sterilize and treat hundreds of pets every year. We have organized and participated in various spayathons, from events in local towns to overseas projects. We strive to not only help the animals by treating them, but also by educating pet owners when possible as to the best way to care for their pet.

As the funding for our clinic relies completely on donations and fundraisers, we sincerely thank everyone who kindly contributes to this worthy cause. With communities expanding everywhere, the pet population also grows daily and that makes every contribution extremely necessary. To donate to our CVC, please see our contact and banking details.

Our first consideration is, and always will be, to help animals in need. Our long-term aim is to help create a community that understands the responsibility that comes with having a pet, and experience the love and compassion that makes being a pet-owner so wonderful and worthwhile.

Contact details: Address: 14 Dirkie Uys Str, Hermanus, 7200, Tel: 028 312 3065

Hours: Weekdays 08:00 – 18:00 & Saturdays 08:00 – 12:00 (as we run the CVC alongside our private hospital, making an appointment is best)

If you would like more information about Hermanus CVC, please email Megan at

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Hoedspruit CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Nina Kisch Operates in    Limpopo

More about the CVC

Hoedspruit CVC is based in Hoedspruit, Limpopo and services four local communities (Ga-Moraba, Tswenyane, Lepelle and The Willows) in the area. Our goals are to improve animal health and living conditions, prevent and alleviate suffering of domestic animals, encourage and assist in spaying and neutering of pets and to provide education about their animals to the individuals in the community. Being in an area with multiple nature reserves and a strong emphasis on wildlife and conservation, an additional goal is to help save South Africa’s wildlife by preventing diseases such as Rabies and Distemper from being transmitted to wild populations from domestic animals.

Hoedspruit CVC Principal Vet
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