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Langeberg CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Yvonne Robson Operates in    Western Cape

More about the CVC

Dr Yvonne Robson registered Langeberg CVC in December 2019 to help with work in the poor communities in this region. She works mainly with registered NPO Animals Matter Langeberg (AML) but has also assisted other local welfare organisations. She works 'hands on' in the poor communities every week focusing on primary healthcare (parasite prevention and treatment, and vaccination) and also does a sterilisation clinic once a week to try and curb the huge overpopulation of pets in the poor areas.
Sterilisations started at the end of January 2020, and in the first 9 months almost 350 cats and dogs have been sterilised despite 5 weeks of no ops due to lockdown phase 5.
In May 2020 Dr Yvonne started a campaign with AML to try and tackle the misery caused by mange - 'Fight the Mite, Ditch the Itch' - over 100 dogs have been treated to date (end October 2020) for this debilitating painful disease. Whilst the owners are asked to pay for treatment many cannot afford the full cost and a huge thanks must go to several sponsors who have assisted with this. Follow ups are always done to check that the animals have responded fully to the treatments and it is hugely rewarding to see the vast improvement in animal well-being when mange is cured.
Education is also a big focus for Langeberg CVC and although work in schools and libraries has been hampered by the covid-19 pandemic, some education for children and adults is always a part of each trip to a community.

Langeberg CVC Principal Vet
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Lowveld Vet@Nsikazi

Principal Vet    Dr Graeme Harman Operates in    Mpumalanga

More about the CVC

Khumba Ncila is a NPO that focuses on helping the neighbouring communities of the Southern Sabi Sand with their animals. They address animal welfare issues in the community, through educating the people on proper animal care, enabling a better quality of life for these animals.

Veterinary care is provided throughout these communities by aiding with vaccinations, sterilizations and any health issues found, such as injuries, septic wounds, mange, tick infestations and diseases. Any orthopaedic procedures are referred to Lowveld Vet@White River.

The purpose is to continue this help and support through the neighbouring villages of the Southern Sabi Sand which will, in the long term, prevent the issue of disease in the livestock and domestic animals. This will have an added benefit in preventing the spread of disease into the neighbouring Sabi Sand Wildlife area.

Msholozi is the rural community bordering White River. We assist the community by doing vaccinations and primary animal health care.For the past 3 years we have assisted this community by doing free sterilisations on Mandela Day ( about 60 each year).

Lowveld Vet@Nsikazi Principal Vet
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Nelson Mandela Bay CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Dean Sim Operates in    Eastern Cape

More about the CVC

The Nelson Mandela Bay-Community Veterinary Clinic (NMB-CVC) was established in 1998, and has been able to assist underprivileged pet owners to access essential veterinary services for over 20 years. By utilising the existing veterinary infrastructure in our community, the CVC provides access to world class veterinary services and facilities to disadvantaged pet owners. In other words, every cent that is contributed to the CVC translates into direct service delivery for pets that belong to the less fortunate.

With the assistance of local registered animal charities such as Domestic Animal Care, Cat Rescue P.E. and Save-a-Pet, who do the fieldwork and bring the patients to our clinic, our CVC performs on average 45 sterilisations per month, and we see about the same volume of cases for other primary

Nelson Mandela Bay CVC Principal Vet
Nelson Mandela Bay CVC Photo 1
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Pyramid CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Chris Janisch Operates in    Gauteng

More about the CVC

Pyramid CVC was founded in 2016 in order to assist local communities. Being a smallholding area there are many needy pet owners who live in welfare villages, as well as the Wallmanstal township which has recently emerged. Our clinic has been assisting these people as well numerous welfare organisations like Wollies, Paws Love and the SPCA for many years on an informal basis. Becoming a CVC has enabled us to do this more effectively with backup and resources. Currently we are concentrating our efforts on sterilization programmes for the various organisations and communities. We do suffer from a lack of human resource in the clinic which limits our time available to perform outreach, but it is hoped that this will improve in the future! We are animal lovers and will always do our best to prevent animals suffering.

Pyramid CVC Principal Vet
Pyramid CVC Photo 1

Sedgefield CVC

Principal Vet    Dr Johan Eksteen Operates in    Western Cape

More about the CVC

Knysna Veterinary Clinic is proud to have opened their second CVC clinic to offer services to our local Sedgefield communities, mainly the Smutsville area. We have partnered with Sedgefield Animal Matters, a non-profit in the area to provide care in the form of vaccinations, ecto- and endo- parasitic treatments and any basic veterinary healthcare needed.
Every Friday is spay day at the clinic, and together with a volunteer team which includes Dr Frank De Groot and Sr Jean De Groot we sterilise a number of cats and dogs. Being the only providers of this service in the area, the need is great and hard work is given to try and control the population, educate owners and look after unwanted or uncared for animals. Thankfully we encounter many loving owners who try and provide the best for their pets.

Sedgefield CVC Principal Vet
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